Preliminary results indicate that the annual growth of forests amounts to 109.9 Mm3


According to the National Forest Inventory (VMI12), the annual growth of Finnish forests is 109.9 million cubic metres. The preliminary results published by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) show that the annual growth increase is 4.4 million cubic metres in 2014-2016. The annual growth measured in the previous inventory was 105.5 million cubic metres. The increase mainly concerns pine forests.

Luke also stated that, according to the VMI12 results, some forest management operations are increasingly behind. There are 50,000 hectares more of sapling stands with than in the previous forest inventory. First thinning has not been carried out in an area of nearly one million hectares of young forest.

Forest management requires more attention

Timely tending of young forests is a prerequisite for maintaining the productivity of forests and part of the sustainable forest management. Investing in forest management is an essential part of the research results published by Luke in 2016, according to which annual forest growth in Finland could be increased to 150 million cubic metres with intensive forest management. Achieving an annual growth of 150 million cubic metres would allow us to increase the amount of sustainable felling to a large extent.

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