The Government of Finland introduced a proposal for amending the legislation regarding the publicly available forest resource data


The Government of Finland submitted a proposal to the Parliament concerning an amendment to the legislation regarding the publicly available forest resource data. The new legislation will come into force as soon as possible. According to the proposal, the information in the Forest Resource Information System of the Finnish Forestry Centre considered as public environmental information could, in the future, be shared without the current information disclosure procedures. The amendment would bring greater openness to forest resource information, without providing any personal identifiers of forest owners.

The new law will enhance the planning of forest use in relation to both felling and biodiversity development. At the same time, it will increasingly enable development in forest management and wood trade, and bring new business and service models which benefit the operators in the field. Improving digitalisation in the forest sector and benefits of utilising Forest Big Data can be achieved only when the forest resource information becomes open and transparent.

The legislative amendment submitted to the Parliament supports the promotion of efficiency in the forest sector and helps to maintain and improve the international competitiveness of the Finnish industry.

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