Finnpulp – From a start-up to the top of the world

Behind Finnpulp are forest industry influential private persons, who initiated the project. The project has gained support in the form of solid forest and industrial expertise from markets from Finland and abroad. There is a strong global business expertise in the industry behind Finnpulp.

Finnpulp’s objective is to build the world’s most modern and efficient softwood pulp mill to Finland. The company’s objective is to ensure the utilization of Finnish wood and the possibilities offered by the latest technological advances in the processing industry for the growing tissue and packaging board markets.

In addition to domestic investors, also international industry operators will have a significant role in the completion of this major project. Finnpulp’s owner base is at the moment divided between domestic forest and industry expertise and China’s biggest tissue paper producer, Hengan International, which is listed in Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Owner base represents among industry expertise and also the world’s fastest growing softwood pulp markets.

When completed, the project worth 1.4 billion euros will be the most significant forest industry investment ever in Finland.

More information about the key persons behind the project and their work experience can be found here.