The world’s first smart bioproduct plant

Finnpulp’s softwood pulp mill’s process is specifically designed to produce materials for hygiene products, packaging board and also for biochemicals. Its annual production capacity will be 1.2 million tons of pulp, which equals 5% of the global softwood pulp market. Additionally, the facility will produce 60,000 tons of tall oil and one terawatt hour (TWh) of bioelectricity for the national electricity grid. The amount of bioelectricity produced by the company equals almost 1.5% of the annual electricity consumption in Finland.

Finnpulp’s new plant will be the world’s largest single-line softwood pulp plant. It will also be the world’s largest producer of crude tall oil – a renewable and versatile raw material used by the chemical industry. The new facility will use 6.7 million cubic metres of raw wood material per year. Finnpulp’s modern facility will be extremely cost-efficient. It will be the first pulp mill in the world that utilizes the full potential of smart processes and artificial intelligence, every step of the way.

The digital ecosystem provides Finnpulp with advantages related to, for example, raw material and delivery chain management, improving the efficiency of the mill’s support functions and optimizing production quality and quantity. The concept also improves the facility’s occupational safety and environmental performance.

An advanced bioproduct mill is also the most efficient way to produce bioenergy. Finnpulp meets its own energy needs, produces bioelectricity for the national grid, and also produces biogas. The company doesn’t use any fossil fuels. Other bioproducts will be produced, too.

raw material and energy loss
Optimized quality and uninterrupted production
Improved environmental and occupational safety
Predicted and seamless partner chain management
Efficient market management and high quality customer service

Project schedule

Finnpulp was granted an environmental permit in 2017 for the site in Kuopio, Eastern Finland. The city plan for the site was confirmed in the Supreme Administrative Court in the beginning of 2018. The basic engineering work was then able to begin in the beginning of 2018. The construction is scheduled to start in 2020. The company’s recruiting and training will advance together with the construction process during the years 2019–2022. The production is foreseen to start in the end of 2022 after testings and trial runs. Operational mode will be reached from 2023.

The most ecologically sound softwood pulp mill

The Finnpulp mill project will especially focus on the environmental issues in all production phases. The mill will be carbon neutral and fulfil the tight EU IPPC-BAT requirements (best available technology). The mill’s emissions will be at the lowest level in the industry.

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